Revolutionary Concepts is a mobile software development studio with a history of creating award-winning games and entertainment related apps. Since our first product launch in 2009, our apps have been downloaded more than 30 million times, featured prominently  on iTunes, written about on prestigous sites such as CNET, Gizmodo, TouchArcade, Time Magazine, and been nominated for numerous industry awards - including a prestigous 'Annie' from the International Society for Animation (the Oscars of animation!). Our philosophy is to create experiences that bring a clear point of difference and provide gamers and non-gamers alike with unique experiences! This is bought about through the combined talents of a diverse team of passionate creators, innovative use of mobile device hardware, and unique gameplay concepts with quirky distinctive art, music and fx.

Current TEAM


Current Openings


Experienced Game Programmers

(Location: remote. Hours: by negotiation)

You are a talented coder looking for the opportunity to make your mark and be recognised for your contribution! We are a collaborative of like minded creators who value the central role a talented coder plays in creating unique immersive experiences for our users. If you like to challenge yourself and be challenged to push the boundaries of the platform then you've come to the right place!

  • Solid 2+years experience as an indie or professional games developer making games either indepentantly or as part of a team.

  • 2+ years working with Unity 3D

  • Exacting standards and attention to detail

  • Can work to deadlines while being flexible with changes

  • Values design and Ideas

  • Excellent communication across disciplines

To apply, email your resume and any examples of your work, along with a cover letter to: Revolutionary Concepts

Gameplay / Level Designer  

(Location: remote. Hours: by negotiation)

You are obsessed with the detailed work of creating intricate levels and worlds and the scripting of events and how these elements come together to shape a users experience. Working alongside our creative team on multiple projects you'll play a key role in creating a shared vision for programmers and artists to bring to life, in a way that challenges, rewards and delights our users.  

  • Deep understanding of game design fundamentals and creating fun user experiences

  • Comfortable working across genres: physics based puzzles, adventure, arcade, fps, k-9 education, digital toys.

  • Solid 2+years experience either as an indie or professional creating levels, with particular focus on difficulty curve and in-game progression

  • Practical knowledge around designing free to play game mechanics, including power-ups, unlocks, achievements/rewards & monetisation

  • Excellent communication across disciplines

To apply, email your resume and any examples of your work, along with a cover letter to: Revolutionary Concepts

Senior Animator  

(Location: remote. Hours: by negotiation)

Our love of games stem from our love of storytelling and the animation of 1930's Disney through to modern Anime and everything in between! We are a studio that understands the crucial role of the animator in creating emotionally charged experiences! It's not about beautiful artwork, and we'd love to be amazed at your ability to bring the inanimate to life. The ideal candidate should be passionate about the power of animation to trenscend the medium, a solid understanding of the fundamentals of animation systems and the modern tools used in game creation, and have a portfolio of exceptional 2D or 3D animation work. 

  • Demonstrable understanding of animation techniques and principles

  • Experience and talent for creating emotion charged character animations

  • The ability to move between classic (hand-drawn) techniques and digital platform

  • Strong familiarity with tools and techniques for 2D / 3D rigging and animating

  • Environmental animation and lighting/FX

  • Disciplined and organised animation workflow

  • Comfortable working with artists and programmers

To apply, email your resume and any examples of your work, along with a cover letter to: Revolutionary Concepts